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**VR Notice** -- This may cause motion sickness so if you display any signs of this, STOP immediately. The developer hasn't tested the frame rate on various devices so it could fluctuate depending on the device you use.

** Alpha version 1.02 **

There are some recent changes to this game like sound has been added to the environment, infinite world and etc. Check it out!


Froggy Toad is a VR/first person game where it's basically Frogger, but randomized every time you play. Can you finish and fall off the world(sorry no successful end game trigger yet)?!


You are a frog and can hop 3 times per jump(small, medium and large) by how many times you hit the trigger / click the mouse.

**Navigating the main menu**

Put the reticule on the button you want to select!

**Playing the game**

Google Cardboard-- Hit the trigger on the cardboard to select/hop

Feedback welcome!

StatusOn hold
Release date Dec 21, 2016
TagsFrogs, frogger, Ludum Dare 37, Virtual Reality (VR)
Average sessionA few minutes


FroggyToad.apk 26 MB