A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

***New 3/07/2017 version 1.04 is released***

Updated the game to have more polish!

***New 1/19/2017 version 1.03 is released*** (Deleted)

Made it portable, and with more directions. Play this version instead of the PC or Mac! Android only though, sorry iOS people! Turn your phone sideways to play!

***New 1/16/2016 version 1.02 is released***
Download below

If you have played the previous version, comment on what you think is better/worse. If you haven't played any version of it, your feedback is still wanted!

Have fun!

***This is my first game demo that I have released publicly. I know it has some bugs still and the animation is off.***

Stereotypical World is a text based narrative game where you go around and see what life is like for somebody whose just trying to be "normal". The main character, Brady, is in a wheelchair.

This game is m+, it has vulgar language and sexual themes involved in it, so player discretion is advised.

Could you give me feedback of what you did and didn't like about the game in the comments section?

Thanks for trying it out!

Install instructions

Mac, Windows and Linux now! Just download it and play! Instructions are in game!


SW_1.04_macOSX.app.zip 34 MB
Stereotypical World 1.04 Windows demo.zip 31 MB
Stereotypical World 1.04 Linux demo.zip 35 MB